Sintra one hour from Lisbon by train is one of my favourite places in Portugal and has something for everyone can be done in a day I guess but deserves more.Would need your hiking boots to be sure and or the various tuk tuks that are around and or the hop on hop off bus with the climbing to be done worth every penny takes you round all the main sites and hopefully picks you up again as well as having 12 languages  English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese available to listen to onboard and has a stop right by the train station if going for just the day !

List of all the stops is as follows and runs from 9.45-6.00pm

Largo Rainha D. Leonor
Galeria Municipal –Turismo
Portão dos Lagos
Castelo dos Mouros
PalácioNacional da Pena
Igreja de S.Pedro de Penaferrim
Estação de Caminhos de Ferro
Palácio da Quinta da Regaleira
Palácio de Seteais
Parque de Monserrate
Colares – Adega Regional
Cabo da Roca
Convento dos Capuchos
Chalet da Condessa

Well where to start well maybe in the theory of what goes up must come down lets head up to the Castelo dos Mouros castle of the moors a 12th century Moorish castle that’s easy enough to walk around the walls and great views not so oddly so they could see the enemy approaching from a long way away and all around so no surprises .then perhaps onto Park and National Palace of Pena the no 1 attraction in sintra maybe even start here as can be difficult to enter the palace itself and may need to queue to get in depends on the time so this one first and early .

Then back to the castle of the moors as its back towards sintra then onto my favourite and although its only 19th century the gardens are amazing and need to be seen to be believed Quinta da Regaleira must be worth at least two and a half hours to go round and see and marvel at the initiation well still not sure of its purpose but a spectacle to say the least the tennis court and the fountains (need I say more)

All done ! time to head back to town will be wishing you had booked a nights stay at least by now or wondering about coming back another day .ho hum we still have several places to visit as you walk through the historical centre an anomaly hits you The news museum (actually an amazing up to date museum interactive and 3D!) But most people in this order head first to the Sintra  National Palace

Palacio Nacional de Sintra then just round the corner if you like literature and writing the small but fascinating museum of author Ferreira de Castro highlighting writing during the dictatorship and a famed author

Some head off tho the Museu Anjos Teixeira (MAT) two brothers who were sculptors an experience also available is the  Palácio de Monserrate and its gardens plus perhaps  Museu de História Natural and or a wander around the Historic centre did we have lunch ? As you can see many things to do and will take time to get around with or without the bus so if flexible do recommend staying overnight but can get a lot done in a day wow what a day !

Perhaps its time to go and relax in Lisbon ! or travel further up north or across to Evora well wherever you may wonder please send us your writings photos or videos

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