47 AND A HALF BEST THINGS TO DO IN LISBON city break (well 20 odd)

lisbon view panoramic by J ROBERTS

Having visited Lisbon on four separate occasions well I know where almost everything is and the best things to do.Not going to sell it as if your reading this your probably either here already one of my favourite European capitals .(right stop waffling on jim get to the chase!)

Ok so as usual I will recommend both the walking tour and or bus tour to get your bearings and you will pick out sites museums places of interest to return to or you could go and sit in a deck chair in the riverside café by the European maritime safety building and watch the world go by !(also very good)

So we start with the obvious ones and move onto the obscure

The oceanarium the second largest in the world no1 attraction and is amazing look out for the sea otters and a tank over two floors with all manner of marine life also nearby is the cable car not really recommended as just goes over a newly built up area

For the history buffs you have the museum
Museu do Aljube (Resisatnce and Freedom museum) telling the story of life under the dictatorship through to 1974 ) and the Lisbon story museum down on the front (next to the museum of beer) perhaps best to do them in the order written .

For the musicians and music lovers we have a few museums the music museum and then also the museum of FADO (portugals national music) and the museum of dedicated to the singer

Day out jim ! well we’ve got the fabulous Botanic gardens with its cable car ride around it and you can visit parts of it for FREE and always free well for now !  are the various areas for panoramic views too many to mention but think my favourite is Miradouro da Senhora do Monte near to st jorge castle usually a person there selling coffees from a coffee bike and 360 degree views and benches to sit upon ! Too far or high to climb or want a preview watch my video along with portuguese guitar player in the background not a set up but random .(intrigued watch it you know you want to!).

The good news is that if you reach the above its all downhill to reach Castillo de San Jorge de Lisboa

 and could pass through Jardim da Cerca da Graça on the way and stop on its terrace for even more views

 the  for a wander around and then not far to the FADO museum and Nicos café nearby for his amazing soup pastries and coffees at half the prices nearby

For the ART lovers appreciators amongst us we have a variety of museums the highlight being the Museo Calouste Gulbenkian

 museums yes two in one a modern and more traditional one and the free to enter gardens and mini coliseum are almost unmissable (is a café or two in the grounds so you can wander round the gardens (tip) on Sundays they do a special foundation museum guided tour for not much extra and the experience becomes alive as does the modern art museum across the gardens with some funky music on your (by now brain implanted audio listening device) you can get combined or individual tickets for these events .

plus close to the Zoológico de Lisboa so could visit on the same day ?

Plus the Natioanl contempory Art(El Museo Nacional de Arte Contemporáneo  )museum I went round twice as that good the next one takes us to Belem for the Museu Coleção Berardo .Belem itself is a few kilometres from the centre and well worth a day out if not to stay if you prefer it quieter with the National Coche museum (dozens of horse drawn carriages)The highlights being the vasco de gama aquarium The Belem tower and museum of electricity and MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology and Cordoaria Nacional,querky small contempary art museum changing exhibitions banksy wahol as examples .All these are a short walk from Belem station or tram stop along the riverside



 you can head inland a bit to the Palacio Nacional de Ajuda


 Beautiful palace recommend having a tour guide  to explain  each unique room. Nearby is yet another botanic gardens Jardín Botánico de Ajuda

 at only two euros to enter

May want to get a taxi or bus for these two there anyway as quite a steep walk upto them !(yes I know that now contours on google maps ?) and you may want to visit the nearby park Parque dos Moinhos de Santana

walk upto the old windmills and have a great panoramic view over the city belem and across the river if it’s a clear day that is nearby is the National Museum of Ethnology (but you’ve got one of them at home right !)


NON Football fans skip this paragraph ! So the match is on where can a watch it ? ah lets ask jim football bar expert from macau to Mexico ! good choice well a few to choose from in cais do sodré area (are hotels nearby as well !) but the No1 has to be the THE COUCH SPORTS BAR why jim why (as its not the cheapest) well 32 yes that’s right 32 independent screens you can ask for any game/sport you like and they will put it on a screen for you does serve Guinness and eats are good but as I said not the cheapest place around but it is football and your on holiday right ?

Second choice is Henneseys equal second with the British Bar all nearby


Ok all back in the room eyes open again before we head out of Lisbon for our days out section I will add on two more very close Museum of Lisbon / Palace Pimenta

 and the Museu Bordalo Pinheiro just opposite the palace and full of fun sculptures pottery paintings with a satirical comical theme in general

 .More museums ok thought you might want a day out well heres the complete list from whichmuseums


OK done Lisbon and or want a close day out not six hours on a coach or train for two hours visit please right ok ok we either recommend Queluz 50 mins away by train for central lisbon for

Palácio Nacional e Jardins de Queluz (oddly translates as palace and gardens and gets 4.6/5 on google !!) for a half day visit at least (take the guided tour as warrants explanation and take a coffee in the gardens complete with Gondola Lake ! yes you heard right .


The beach jim the beach where the beach well Cascais is easily accessible 40 minutes  via a local train has some museums tradition of its own it’s a quite known as wealthy suburb great beaches surfing if interested and interesting market town in fact got an article here in its own right and might be worth staying and commuting in if you like peace and quite.Also visited Setúbal and has its charms and national park on its doorstep depends what your into


Before I go Sintra what about SINTRA !! EVERYBODY IS TALKING ABOUT SINTRA oh shut up its got it own separate article as it duly warrants I will do that one day but till then try this 19 AND HALF THINGS TO DO IN SINTRA

Getting round get the travel card which seemed to be valid on just about everything (horse drawn carriages and rickshaws exempt believe me I did try !)

Any comments or feedback and or in depth articles of 500 words and or photos and videos  or more on any of the above  and or travel topic even your home town city country would be great and could well earn you some funds !!

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