African Locust Plague Solutions

Having followed for nearly a year now the various locust plagues affects across African and put forward a formulated plan to deal with this which I will reinterate here .basically it combines the spotting and spraying of the locust using drones which can do the work of 100 men and in essence are good to both spot find the locust swarms and also to be used with attachment and tanks to spray the areas swarms effectively and much more quickly then manual ground units I propose a central African depot to hold the drones to be deployed as and when necessary as well as training in the use of them and maintenance as well as a pan African group of operators to work with them across traditionally national boundries obviously a supply chain and selection of replacement and spare parts perhaps a team of technicians also deployed to areas to keep the drones flying and stop a repeat of what is both devastating and also in the long run more costly events by being premptive

Jim roberts

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