Things to do in Tavira

Portugal Famed for its Tavira beach accessible only by ferry regular service from the center of town though the town offers both day holidaymakers and day trippers a choice of cultural experiences. From Tavira castle to its Muslim museum it has something to offer for all and is in essence and ideal place to stay if you like the quitter more reserved and relaxed without being uptight staid kind of place with its many restaurants and only a couple of football type bars and even a Fado experience center which operates throughout the day and evening.

Firstly the beach is one of the best on the Algarve and as stated reached only by a regular inexpensive ferry to Tavira island 10 mins at most the island does have a campsite and a few restaurants and bars as well as watersports facilities and miles of golden sands.

More of a culture vulture like myself then there is plenty to visit including the excellent castle of tavira which was originally a moorish castle and is open to the public for Free. Going on from this theme and although in some countries they seem to bury or forget or distort parts of their history so the Islamic museum celebrating their presence there is a refreshing and intersting change and is home to the incredible Vase Of Tavira as well as many other artifacts and exhibits and details about the Moorish times of Tavira their building and lifestyle.

Then nearby is the sacred art museum of Tavira which is perhaps not for everyone but inexpensive to visit. In my opinion the municipal museum which has had many differing exhibitions including famous photographers of entomology capturing the essence of Portuguese life 100 years ago. Nearby is the Camera Obsura of Tavira if you haven’t visited one before then to explain it’s a projected via mirrors sky view tour of the city with the guide explain the architecture and other interesting factoids about Tavira in English, German,French, Spanish as well as the native tongue here dependent upon the group.

There is also a photography museum Over the Roman Bridge popular with buskers and looking at the fish and fishermen below the bridge can be seen to be believed and perhaps a walk through the market just before you get to the ferry terminal or across to the church Igreja da Misericórdia to visit the other side of the bridge which is usually more popular and busy of an evening with private art galleries to browse many restaurants and cafes. I always let you know the best sports bar for the matches and with three screens differing games can be shown at the same time, and they serve a variety of beers Fanu rock and sports bar. Located as it is Tavira is an ideal place to either visit from Faro(see our things to do FARO) or if staying there are several places to visit within a short distance including the excellent Castro Marim castle and vice versa Faro being half an hour away

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