How Do Pornstars Prepare For Anal Sex?

Pornstar escorts have several tricks to make anal sex as pleasurable as possible. One of the most popular methods is to use an enema. An enema involves filling up the anus with warm water and Castile soap and is done the day before the scene. Pornstars also train their anus to relax with graduated-sized buttplugs or an inflatable plug.

Anal queens put tremendous pressure on their posteriors, which can lead to injuries. To avoid injury, pornstars do a lot of pre-anal preparation. Pornstars with strong rectums are usually better prepared and do not have to worry about injuries.

Another common secret is to do Kegels. Pornstars who film hardcore anal scenes typically spend about 27 days filming these scenes. They should know their limits and take breaks whenever necessary. They should also practice anal equivalents of Kegels before filming.

Pornstar escort can also take painkillers before shooting an anal scene. Although this method may seem extreme, it’s not an option for the average person. Life gets in the way. In addition, it’s not feasible for most people to skip meals during anal scenes.

Pornstars can also prepare by stocking up on napkins. This way, they can wipe the anus easily. They should also avoid panicking when their anus isn’t clean. In addition to napkins, porn stars should also have lots of lube in their bedroom.

Escort pornstar should also eat a high-fiber diet before anal sex. They should eat foods that contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. This will help keep their anals moving. Furthermore, they should also drink plenty of water. This is a key way to prepare for anal sex.

The anal lube is essential. The anus does not naturally lubricate, so it is best to use silicone-based lube. However, oil-based lubes are also effective. It is also best to choose a lube that matches the material of the condoms.


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